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WE are an open community for people coding or learning to code. We help you get answers to your toughest coding questions and share knowledge with others like you.

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We have just started building this website and the content. If some parts don't work, don't worry. Rather give us feedback, we will improve it.

We are starting with C# programming and slowly we will expand from there. We love people who code.We believe in simplycity. We will help you to develop your software of website. You can host your web app with us.


Applications developed by our users

How to provide tools that help anyone in day to day tasks


Shopping List

Create your shopping list and wish list. Add and delete items. Move from one to other.


Gym Log

Create exercises and record your performance.


Receipt saver

Save your receipt categorically. Retrieve and analyse your expenses.


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We Have a small team of Programmers Team of Learners like you.